Dye transfer printing is a method where pigments pass from a solid state to a gas state (never becoming liquid) when heated and imbed themselves in the fibers of a garment or the coating of hardgoods. This process produces a print that has no feel, however as it’s not an opaque ink, the design will take on the color of the item it is on. Unlike other methods of apparel printing, this method needs a synthetic substrate to effectively transfer to. This means that light high polyester content apparel is used, most commonly in white.  In other words, this method will not work on cotton or dark apparel. The largest benefit to this printing method is it’s perfect for short & long run orders and has no color limitations.


Also known as HTV, Heat Transfer Vinyl is a flexible, plastic based material that is cut and then applied with heat to fabric. Their is different quality of HTV available on the market, but the type of material we use is a premium product that isn’t rough, won’t crack and emulates the look, but not the expense, of screenprinting. This method of apparel customization has limited color options in both matte and glitter finishes and is restricted to the selection of a maximum of two colors. This method is suitable for small run orders.


Abbreviated as DTG, Direct To Garment is a relatively new technique in the apparel printing industry. It involves printing onto a garment directly using eco-friendly water-base inks. The quality of DTG is excellent, however does have a feel (hand) to the finished print. You’ll obtain a softer feel on light garments compared to dark as a white base layer is not needed for lighter apparel. This method of printing allows for unlimited color usage and greater detailed prints when compared to screen printing and is suitable for short run orders.


This is one of the most common apparel printing methods. Ink is flooded onto a nylon mesh screen of the design, and then a squeegee is used to press down and spread the ink. Excess ink is wiped away, and the screen is taken off to reveal the design. Screen printing is a great option if you need 1 or 2 color shirts in quantity (25+ units). Screen printing quality is exceptional, however does have a feel (hand) to the finished print. This method of printing is not cost effective for multiple colors or small quantities as setup and screen charges are incurred.